Monday, March 29, 2010

"Who do Buddha pray?"

R. F.:
"when buddha prays, does he pray to jesus? or muhammad? or which saint does he ask for more energy from???when he give thanks about his gratitude, who does he giving thanks to?? WHOS GOD? WHERE IS HE GETTING HIS HIGHER POWER FROM?? ANSWER PLEASE ANYONE??"

Dear R.,

let me write to you down my personal beliefs. And I am not a buddha, not a guru..
I know that buddhist prayer is a form of meditation; it is a practice of inner reconditioning - have that in mind while reading. And I think that prayer should be part of our spiritual journey, transforming confusion into clarity and suffering into joy.

"Buddhism teaches that suffering and happiness are states of mind and that our experience of life is highly subjective. Trough meditation, one develop awareness, self-observation, the inner witness, and most importantly, patience and compassion towards oneself."

You just have to remember who you are.. You will when you get to that certain point of awareness - though meditation. That should be your path. I can just show you some basics..

For Buddhists, prayer expresses an aspiration to pull something into one's life, like some new energy or purifying influence and share it with all beings. Likewise, prayer inspires our hearts towards wisdom and compassion for others and ourselves. It allows us to turn our hearts and minds to the beneficial, rousing our thoughts and actions towards Awakening. If we believe in something enough, it will take hold of us. In other words, believing in it, we will become what we believe. Our ability to be touched like this is evidence of the working of Great Compassion within us.

What's more, it can a function as a form of self-talking or self-therapy in which one mentally talks through a problem, or talks through it aloud, in the hope that some new insight will come or a better decision can be made. Prayer therefore frequently has the function of being part of a decision-making process.

Remember that prayer replaces the negative with virtue and points to the blessings of Life. It allows us to turn our hearts and minds to the beneficial, inspiring our thoughts and actions. And purpose of praying, meditation is to become Awaken...

Hope I cleared your thoughts... but remember that I am not a buddha..
We could disccus and meditate about it "for ever".. and I believe that should be your own personal meditation.

Check this site - I think it will be useful for you

Sincere Blessings for your Path, L.LoVe

Friday, March 12, 2010

Women of Tibet Stand for peace and Justice