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next life, already by ko shin

next life, already...

It was one of those warm, early summer days…
Thanks God for the fans in the Chapel where the Dharma Brothers meet
and sit, and chant, and walk meditatively and talk…

But this was not a "normal" one
One brother sat with the Chaplain, sad looking, almost in tears

Just heard the night before, "Mom is gone" only 52 years
"I knew she was sick, but I figured (and wouldn't we all)
She would be ok"

"I can't be there", hold my sisters hand, my other siblings don't seem to
care or know what do"

The Sangha arrives, the men are always happy to be together, to sit…
But then I mention our brothers sadness and loss, and another speaks up,
"my mom had a serious stroke two days ago, she's in Mississippi, it is harder not knowing,
than accepting her death…" tears, some anger, "I want to hold her hand, do something,
I can't"

Needless to say, we had a healing sit that afternoon…

What's going on here?
I am not critical of the fact, inmates do not go home for the death of even their parents…
At least not in these medium prisons…there were unskillful actions that they participated in
To get in this place….they know that all too well...

But how does one handle death?
Have you thought of yours? I sure have, at least after this afternoon with my Dharma Brothers…

We are reminded at times like these, "death is not the end"
"Prison is not the end" "Unskillful acts that hurt others, are not the end!"

We are reminded, it’s the path stupid!

It’s the way, sister, brother, whoever…

These confluence of events, mom dying and mom near death
That woke us all up, we are all Buddha's, awakened ones,
Not with answers, or words that take away the pain, the anger, the loss,
or fill the void…but a reminder, this is real, this happens to all of us,
To all creatures,

Can we avoid it, no, but we can journey through these dead filled moments, as life…

We can't fool folks, where one line says she is with God or Jesus,
Then say, he is asleep, at rest in the Lord,
And then say "on the last day…." he and she will…..

This is all very confusing, my loved one is gone, dam….

Bull shit, sorry

The vet said to me when Mickey was put asleep, when I asked is he gone?
"Mickey is already in his next life" Dam, why didn't someone say that to me when Dad died,
or as I help Mom's hand and Karen sang to her as she started her next life? Where was the vet, or the priest?

Hey, Dharma Brothers, I write this because I mourn with you as do all who read this,

Don't fret,
don't worry,
sit brother,
be silent and listen,
and know, in this moment,
You are blessed, you are free,
the bars, the bells, the guards are only temporary,

As are the bars, and the hindrances for all of us…are we always skillful in all we do?

This life and the next are real….

let it go, you are ok…peace…comfort…compassion

next life, already…

Ko shin, Bob Hanson @ June, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Frozen in Violence, by ko shin, Bob Hanson

Frozen in Violence
Sunday, January 04, 2009

Pine needles, frozen by rain in mid winter
Crackle as the cold wind blows through the trees around us
The now is like old flat bread
Breaks into pieces as it swallows your feet and snow shoes
In fact, it is possible to slide on the snow shoes and fall, but the fall
Is not hard, as one breaks through to the soft , old snow below

Violence is frozen in time in Palestine
People dying in their own homes and streets
Violence is frozen, the sounds of rockets, bombs and bullets
All around us, even here in the woods
One can feel the air as the bullets go by to their target in Gaza

How does one un-freeze violence?
How does one melt hatred?
How does one wake up a hold generation mi-led by lies and stories of
Greed and power between Israel (n o spiritual relationship to the Israel of
The Torah) and the United States Government (no relation to what is in the constitution
Or the declaration of independence)

A change in leadership?,
A commitment to peace?,
Conversations around a new way not just changing old ways and structures that have not brought peace

The pine needles are melting now, the tree is feeling its freedom again
The snow is soft again, the snow shoes, again, sink into the snow as you create a new path in the forest and wet lands…
How do we find peace where there is none?
The wounded
The dead
The scared ones
The children
The elders
Yes, Israel exists, most of its people abhor the violence, frozen in time
Thousands demonstrate for peace, no one listens, sound familiar America?

Oh, I threw some salt on the ice this morning
I heard the frozen ice begin to crackle and fall apart
Salt on the wounds? No that is not it
But the salt of peace, love and justice
Stepping in between those who fight out of hate, greed and power on both sides
Those around the world who want to CUT OFF the conversation because their side is right the others do not exist…

Gaza exists
West Bank exists
Palestine is a state
The violence frozen in time and history will melt, is melting
Not with guns or rockets made in or paid for by the USA
Not with breaking through the sacred land of others or trying to fence in your neighbors
But act and think and live in peace.

As I write this on a frozen morning in the woods
The US has blocked the UN again for peace
Why do we block efforts for peace even when they look impossible
We are afraid of the frozen violence and risk of a melt down of violence, we love our power

I suppose I should stop this journey now
It is too painful
Today let us chant and pray for peace in Gaza and the world
That the frozen presence of violence as the answer will melt.

Peace ko shin

Third Part of Alice Walker in Gaza

Please check out Behind the Lines Poetry Blog by Philip Metres a wonderful site. It is on my blog, just double click the name in the column on the left of my blog.

Peace ko shin Bob Hanson

Second part of Alice Walker in Gaza

Alice Walker in Gaza- thanks to http://behindthelinespoetry.blogspot.com/ for this

Liv Mary & Grandpa Bob

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