Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Family, the Jewel of our lives....

 Foot Doctor?, here they are!
 Finn and Elisa
 Grandpa's joy!
 The Family, just off the large Market Street in Chiang Mae old city
 Elisa with Grandpa Bob in the Golden Triangle (Thailand side)
 Dinner and show at the Chiang Mae Cultural Center
 Ice Cream is global
 Bob and Karen at Wat (Temple) Rong Khun, one persons life project with many artistians.

 Children from one of nine hill tribes in Siam

 Karen and Bob with one of the staff at the resort we stayed at for a week.

Ringing the Dharma Bell

The Buddha, The Dharma, The Sangha

 The Monk
 The Bells Call One to Mindfulness
 Respect of the Jewel, The Buddha
 Compassion for others in the Temple
 Is it Tara...the beauty of the Buddha
Lunch Time in the Temple, Chiang Mae

On the Steps of the Temple

It is getting harder to reach down and slip on these sandals...
Temple after Temple, the sandals come off and on again...
Sacred space every where, humility in ones actions not just thought….

As I leaned over and put my shoes on, my sandals,
The monk watching the temple that morning, had come out and  watched me carefully.
When I stood up, he offered me his arm to walk down the many steps.

I was so surprised at this act of kindness
I kindly said its ok, I can make it and he smiled…

What struck me for the rest of my Temple walk through the old city of Chiang Mai.
Was the natural way this happened,
Not a commandment,
Not a rule,
Not for merit,
Or a star in his crown,
But out of compassion, a deep comprehensive kind of love,
Unconditional, unmerited, unmeasured, love for all beings, 

Thanks  my friend,
Your care and this  lesson that will not leave my heart or mind,

No merit or reward, but a human act, a practice, oh that it can be ours…..