Sunday, July 5, 2009

Poems from 2004 -

A Path

A path
a way in the forest
where does it go?
where is it coming from?
mystery / freedom

Life Decisions
a path that does not stop or end
it is just the next step, one by one...

Fear is real
But what of my dreams
step back
be quiet
let go and go forward
trees, needles, leaves
a life line, a path that has not ending
just a circle...

How does one keep the silence
moving through a noisy day?

Just sit brother
Just sit sister


Where is Home?
always, the path is under my feet and ahead
a new beginning each moment, each day
like the tunnels under the lawn, new ones every day
the path, the moment, life is exploding

A bird calls out
The earth is dry and red
Changing colors
yes, new life, take it!

a mixture of lines, found at the meditation table...
you wonder, where the muses hide? enjoy, comment, respond with your lines,
peace and love, ko shin Bob Hanson♠

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