Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Special Sabbath message Nov 14, 2009

Monday, Karen will leave for Thailand, Bangkok to be with our friend who is recovering, very well by the way, from a gender change operation this past week. It has been a long and sometimes difficult journey which has now come to the beginning of a new journey for her. We are so blessed that our friend has gone through with this in such a fine way, with dignity and freedom that has taught us in a new way what these words mean for all. To be a contractor, as our friend is, in one of the poorest rural counties in Wisconsin most your life and in the last three years decide you are going to be who you really are is a witness of grace and strength that speaks to all of us. One day she told me that her business had continued to grow in the community where she has been for many years as a man. A witness to the humanity of people here or wherever they are. Her local congregation has been supportive as well, along with her family & friends.
Karen will be with her for a week and then come back home for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration, no I did not hit a wild turkey, we bought one, and then on the 30th we both head for another exciting event in our lives, the Parliament of World Religions in Melbourne, Australia and after that a few days with friends in New Zealand will then home for Christmas, a New Year, and more exciting things in 2010, my 70 year!

Check out the Parliament web site, the issues to be discussed and celebrated and all the others wonderful events of this meeting from Dec 3-9, 2009:

The article below, interestingly came out in the NYT today. Sarah reminds me of our good friend Symantha, determined, compassionate, strong & daring. What a witness of humanity to us all, I cry not out of sadness but joy for them both and for all my sisters and brothers who make this journey in secret often, but then come out to be who they know in their hearts and souls who they are. What a gift of grace for all humanity. Thank you Sarah! Thank you Symantha!

Generation B - A Work of Courage and Determination -

Have a wonderful Sabbath Time whatever your spiritual practice and a wonderful Thanksgiving. We do have so much to remember daily that we can be grateful for, even though these are difficult times for so many. May there be health care for all people in this world. May we finally lean that war does not work, peace does and move out of Iraq and Afghanistan. May the leaders of this world talk and act for peace, justice and compassion for all people and may we care for the earth and all its creatures for coming generations and life times.

Peace and love in this moment and always, ko shin, Bob Hanson

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