Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year! End of a Life! Living in Hope and living for Peace!

Just returning from the celebration of the Life of Norma Jean Varland Hanson, the wonderful lady who has been my brothers wife for some 56 years with family and friends. Who said death is not a healing event, it sure is. What a meaningful liturgy in the Christian path, and a laughter filled gathering of the families for the rest of the day and into the night. Many thanks to Laurie, Chip, Jean and Eric and of course my dear big brother JD. Be strong bro, you are never alone, some days will be tearful and sad, but everyday is a gift, blessings JD.

Yes, it is a new year, 2010. Turning 70 in these 365 days, you sometimes wonder how many more there will be. But, why worry each moment is a gift is all we have. Here's hoping your year is a rich one, filled with love, peace and justice for all people's.
Peace and love from ko shin, Bob & Karen and our clan.

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