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Ko shin's Reading At The Woodland Pattern Poetry Marathon Jan 30, 2010

Many thanks to the people and organization of Woodland Pattern, a place where all our muses love   To come and seem to be awakened….

This piece is my Howl.

My hero Allen Ginsberg Howled decades ago, thanks Allen,  he knew  we all have our Howls.  Often we are afraid to let them out…I hope I have overcome that fear…
 The first few lines are from my older brother, month ago today, he  said good bye to his wife Norma, they had 53 years together and now he has started sending his stories out each day… this one fits in with howling….

While driving in Pennsylvania , a family caught up to an Amish carriage.
The owner of the carriage obviously had a sense of humor, because attached to the back of the carriage was a hand printed sign. "Energy efficient vehicle: Runs on oats and grass. Caution: Do not step in exhaust." 

watch out here comes ko shin's poetry……I always tell my friends to wear boots when I read….

Man, I am really comfortable today

It is quiet here
Can't even hear the heavy doors close people are let out or in

That's right I am really comfortable, here, today

Know where I am dude? Sister?
In a prison, in the place where the Buddha's come and sit Quiet, that's right no bull shit, just Dharma, sister…just the teachings

How can one be comfortable
In a place where you are brought here for unskillful means?
Yea, that's it, its about letting go, sitting quiet, listening with your breath

Are You comfortable where ever you are?   I bet!
Think about a cell, the cell we all live in…
What does it mean to let go and be free not from your cell but in it?

Freedom, yes, oh freedom!

-an assignment to sit or walk, do something and write a poem-
Cold metal on the bottom

That's what it was, no toilet seat, just shinny metal
Cold, and strange
But that's how our inmates sit on the throne
More inmates than any other country in the world
Cold metal on the bottom, that's it

It was a strange experience, not because there was no toilet seat,
My poetry teacher gave us an assignment
Go for a walk, sit somewhere for awhile
Then write some things down

I do that all the time, but not on cold metal on the bottom

I was sitting in meditation with the men, in the chapel, in the prison,
Nature called when you are my age you learn to answer in the moment not sometime soon….get it?

The chaplain gave me some choices, I guess because I'm not an inmate, so he thinks…maybe I am an inmate in my own prison…

So I entered the door with a sign on it, inmates only

There it was a metal throne without a seat, I paused only a second, nature was yelling by now And so I sat on the cold metal with no seat

Teacher, you ask how did I feel?

Hm, relived and free…who needs a seat...

Those dam rivers never stop, do they?

I ask more often than I want to, Why am I here? 

Why are we here?
Recently, streams, rivers, have been on my mind, they are always moving even under the ice… up our way even trucks fall through the ice into the flow…

No ice fishing on a fast moving stream, no holding on to a special moment for you or me,

just keep going… I keep wanting to go back, do you too?

Maybe it is growing old, I don't know…… re-capture a special time or moment, impossible, all we have is this moment….
Well, welcome, to the strange sense

Of being in another world in the midst of this world…..we are who we are and avatars we choose at the same time,
our spiritual consciousness is like the river,

But, have you noticed, someone always wants to build a dam,

Like religious beavers, blocking the flow, the growth, the deepening….with dogma and bull shit, the truth they

Slow down the flow,

Everybody likes the flow but wants to block it in some way…. Judge it, change the direction…of our path

My daughter sent a message recently on Yahoo, then I saw her avatar, I said that ain't you Honey, she said yes it is….

I forgot the avatar, the other image of her points to her…it is not just a security thing….

We choose an avatar to point to who we are, what or who is our avatar or avatars..…yes I know it’s a movie in wrap around 3D,

do we need to wear glasses to see reality?  To see our avatar's?

I think of the aboriginal sisters and brothers we met in Melbourne, recently,  they talked about their "dream walking"  is not something you forget, but live in each step, your vision, I want to be a dream walking human being, will you join me on this journey?

We need to dream walk, walk about, remember our ancestors, the land, the earth, all beings…

And then it ends, or does it, maybe this is only the beginning, we will see

The earth shakes, in a moment life changes, it is incomprehensible, the tragic events of this universe, the earth quake, the people of Haiti...

I still smell the smells of New Orleans after Katrina…the water marks, the symbols on the side of the houses, how many animals found, how many people died, how many were rescued,

One always hoped for numbers on the live side, they weren't…..

I saw the same symbol being placed on a building in Haiti, the international symbols of life and death…everywhere

No more, please…I can see the death on the shore line of the Tsunami  in South East Asia

The coffee plantations of Sumatra destroyed…

Ha, ha Starbucks, raise your price again, but do not give more to the farmer

I remember the streets of Detroit, eleven tornadoes in a few moments,one evening,

The trees are gone, the rich and poor lost everything, those with could replace, the poor are poorer…

I think of our sisters and brothers in Gaza, Palestine, invited out of their houses by the gunpoint or dragged,  and then a Caterpillar and its blade made in the USA wrecks the home, not a house, a home…in the name of peace,  we stand my, our avatars cry for Haiti, South East Asia, Detroit, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Burma, Tamales , Native peoples everywhere….

Yes, we cry for you Haiti, we will never forget the pain, the loss, the fear, the needs…
Stand tall, sisters and brothers, be comforted by the loving spirit of this world and all creatures who care for you
Your history of oppression and fighting for justice, we will continue to walk with you, Now and always,

What is important in this life? This flowing River….

This event reminds us, human life is, relationships are, serving the neighbor is our task…the whole world, peace…

-Ground Zero NYC four months after, late evening-
Some say a hole in the ground
Others a burial place
A tragedy yet a wakeup call
For all human kind
Look what hatred and fear do to others,
What will our response be?
Where are the towers?
Anyone see the towers?
A moment of silence for all souls lost this day
In this hole, only the dust of human life
When will we learn? When will we listen?
When will we hope?

NYC Jan 11, 2002, 4 months later

Reading the Obituaries, have you done that lately?
Your name, is it there?
Hope not, mind isn’t either?
Let me know…call my cell,
It will work in the deep, deep, ground…right?

Death is everybody's business
Why are we surprised when it visits?

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