Thursday, December 1, 2011

Big News around here, first blog for a loooooong time, my second book, The Inner Passage, print on demand, and on Amazon now. I wanted to do this for family and friends, it has been a real interesting time. Poems, Photos and poems from a group of my fellow poets and friends. I know you will enjoy. Contact me at or here at the blog. I promise I will check more than every six months!

RECALL WALKER is the big move now we are all participating in. Over 300,000 signs so far and some time to go. If you are a citizen of WI be sure to join the movement to get rid of this guy and his thugs. Thanks!

We enter what I like to call a Sacred Time, the last month of the year (in the West) and the first of a new year, 2012. So many sacred paths and communities celebrate during this time, along with Christmas. On the 8th we celebrate the enlightenment of the Buddha, an auspicious time for many paths in the Buddhist tradition.

Deep bows of thanks and compassion to all and your families and friends, from Karen and I, and our five adult children and now twelve Grand Kids. Love and Peace....ko shin

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