Tuesday, February 10, 2009

early morning muse: Where do these things come from…

Where do these things come from…

Growing older, must be like moving into a state of Vipassana

A deeper form of meditation where everything you have filed elsewhere comes up…

Maybe that is where the stories of wisdom telling come from throughout the creation's history.

I don't know I just feel it, like the deep rumblings of the tummy soon after the meal you could have skipped…

I remember...

It was after 8:30 in the morning, there was commotion in the outer office,

I walked out in the room filled with emotion, the radio was on, my staff was crying,

A plane had hit the towers in NYC,

My step son, Marcy's kids were in Manhattan, are they safe we asked without speaking?

We felt as a nation, a world, what we all feel at the death of a child, a baby, a loved one…

A emptiness in the bottom of our lives…

Where did this come from, a mid winter, sunny and warmer than usual day in 2009?

It's there my sister, it's there my brother, it's there…

Always reminding us of our journey,

Of our compassion,

Of our hope…

Maybe the question is not, where does this stuff come from?

But, what else is there, where ever it is?

We are all "dhamma brothers (&Sisters)" *

Life as it continues will surprise us, not just memories, but who we are,

Thank you, whoever I am thanking…can I rest from this stuff for a while? No!

""I am the spirit of where it came from, and I have something to tell you now…""

A sudden something, the morning of February 10, 2009 by ko shin, listen!

*Dhamma Brothers, is a Documentary recently released on Donaldson Prison in Alabama, where they

used the Vipassana Program, a ten day silent retreat with 20 some inmates and the program now continues there and in other prisons. Worth seeing. I have a copy. Check out www.dhammabrothers.com Peace!

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