Monday, April 20, 2009

1 shot 2 kills a teeshirt from hell....peace all

Poem for a teeshirt, by ko shin, Bob Hanson

“1 Shot, 2 Kills”

Compassion at its best?

Respect at it best?

No, killing at its worst!

Remember the day when one might say,

"one of my best friends is Negro?"

Or maybe today, "one of my best friend is Muslim, Jewish, Gay?"

I thought at first it was a statement of care

Then realized it was a statement of tolerance

Ok, I will accept you but I know I am better,

Or my faith is the only one, or, now I can not be bothered

By our differences.

1 Shot, 2 Kills”

The tee-shirt of a soldier

Where could be any where these days, right?

The news article said:\

“1 Shot, 2 Kills” reads one t-shirt routinely worn by IDF soldiers. It depicts a pregnant woman covered by a bulls-eye. Another t-shirt for infantry snipers depicts “the inscription ‘Better use Durex,’ next to a picture of a dead Palestinian baby, with his weeping mother and a teddy bear beside him.” Soldiers wear these shirts only with the approval of their platoon commanders.

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR. Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)BlackAgandaReport.Com .

How do we work for peace


And without?

Violence, Hamas, is answered with a strange dehumanizing violence

To people who do not shoot the rockets, or in many cases even care about it

They want peace, freedom, respect, not tolerance\

How does one tolerate the wall that cuts you off from your farm?

How does one tolerate the wall and the nasty check points

That cut you off form family, medical services, friends life itself…

In the name of Yahweh the Chaplains in the IDF yelled at the

Troops as they readied for battle, quoting the Torah…

Fighting with bullets, rockets and bombs, many made in or paid for by

The United States Foreign Policy…

"1 Shot, 2 Kills”

Tolerate not respect

Human life is cheap when you hate or live in fear

Hear people Oh people of Israel

The world will not tolerate this killing fields in the name of defense

"1 Shot, 2 Kills”

This muse will not finish until there is peace

We do not learn from the past or the present

We think not of the future

We can live in fear or hope

Hatred or understanding

Tolerance or love

"1 Shot, 2 Kills"

Your call and mine...

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