Monday, April 20, 2009

Gaza, the camps, where is justice?


a poem the muses sent me after seeing a video of children being held in the jails
of the occupation forces, Israel:

It seems so simple,

Bob, three are two sides to this story

we write poems, we speak out for justice

but, "two sides"?

In the name of justice, or the zionist goal,

to run all who are not like them off the land

shut up Bob, there are two sides

yes, two, oppression and freedom

children mind you,

just children,

but I have seen the white cops around my city hood

beat kids for calling them, the cops, what they are...

oh yes, two sides

hate and love

I do not have to choose a side, for there is only one

in the land we call Holy, peace, freedom for all peoples

and stopping Israel from its own killing fields.

children mind you, only children,

It's so simple, no violence and freedom for all. peace

peace ko shin Bob Hanson


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