Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Baby is 32 Years Old Today January 24, 2009

THIRTY TWO YEARS, since you graced this earth

what a trip this has been

Japan, Tenn.. the world has seen your beauty,

your grace and your smarts

I am blessed to be your Dad

Adia - a gift from God, all the time

a Muslim/Swale (sp) name

that fits you perfectly

like the reality of this world

diverse in its creation and beauty,

you hold all in who you are

a fine mother

who loves and cares for her

two angels (angels, most the time, ha ha)

who cares for others be fore yourself,

without a doubt

We are proud of you Adia

love you and want only the best for you

have a great day, a great year towards #33

know your Daddy loves you Adia,

Karen loves you,

all the family loves you,

in fact, all the world loves you,

your Adia, a GIFT from God!

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