Monday, January 19, 2009

tears, the moment, hope by ko shin


I bet you enjoy a beautiful sunset or sun rise, I do

During these winter days, short as they are trying to grow longer\

The sun, shinning through the bare tree and pines,

Looking for a family of deer or other forms of nature that reminds us

Daily, they were here first.

I am trying to get hold of a feeling, an emotion, a sense

The kind that brings tears to your eyes for no reason,

At least not sadness or loss…

I watch the tube, the TV, the HD whatever it has become

I see what is happening on the Mall in DC

The joy, the high emotions, the diversity in the crowd

And I am moved to tears, not unlike the beauty of this creation

Brings us too often…

This is not foolishness,

Or a feeling brought by the moment itself, but much more…

It is a real feel, a sense...

A sense of hope, of "we can", things "might" change…

Now what they ask?

Who knows!

The Buddha is helpful here for all

Live in the moment ko shin, everyone, not in illusions of the future

Or running from the past…

Skillful and un Skillful come to mind…

Will we act skillfully in all we do as citizens, government, administration?

Or continue a seemingly conscious program of unskillful actions, actions of violence, torture,

And distrust…

Maybe that is the feel, the sense, I am pointing to in myself,

I believe in this moment, this hope is real

I hope you do too.

Not for the feel-good but for the future of the earth!

"may I have your right hand" the guard in the lobby asks me as I enter,

Not the senior dance, but the prison blocks, to be checked at least twice until I leave…

Sitting in silence, in zazen, with my dharma brothers, while the world celebrates

A new time.

When will their new time come?

Yes, when they learn to be skillful in all the do, say and think…

Yet, are we housing people who did unskillful things and hurt folks

Or, like our government, our nation, our communities

Are we willing to empower transformation with all the risk that takes?

Zazen, meditation, silence, focus on the breath, quiet is what finally creates the new earth.

Not the magic of an outside force or spirit

But grasping, now, in ourselves the spirit that is us, our being.

I reflect on President Obama, what do I see?

I see a human being who has grasped his being, at least for this moment…

Oh, that you and I can follow that model,

Not for perfection, but for skilful means, actions and peace.

It is time to listen to our spirits my sisters and brothers of this wonderful and troubled universe,

We are beginning again, and again, and again…

Peace…ko shin,


  1. many thanks

    "eloquent" new word in my life may thanks, my colleagues use a lot of four letter ones....ha