Friday, January 16, 2009


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Here are a couple of recent poems for ya all, enjoy and respond, love conversation....and you!

We search and pray for balance

In all things in our lives

in the life of our world.

Peace is all we search for

even when it seems impossible

when will we learn?

when will we learn?

I often find the quite of the place I dwell,

almost unreal, so quiet, so beautiful,

when others must look out for violence entering their space...

where is our balance as a world?

leaders bragging they broke the laws of human rights, tortured others in our name,

and we do nothing, our new leaders seem to do nothing...

we see it happening the we argue about arguing

when will we learn?

where is the balance?

oh, it is here, where? you ask

search in your heart, that light, the Buddha within

yes, the balance comes, the peace begins with me,

with you, with the Sangha, the community of spirit,

whatever the path...begin to live your path for, in, peace...

early morning, Jan. 13, 2009, tons of light, quiet snow, and the winds of peace, ko shin

thoughts become words





woman’s voices

sing ancient texts

fresh water falls

time to leave

autumn leaves falling

new life, old journey

no map, same path

no end, only rest places

the sun always comes

the leaves fall

the creatures sleep

life is grace

An orange sun sets

evening cool

everyone is mine

red pork chop

little bugs


ha, what a feeling...

092602 Ann Arbor


  1. Great Poem! I hope you find this blog again so you can post more for me to read. I had to add my own blog site here to my computer favorite lists so i could find it again. I am very unhip when it comes to all the gadgets attached to these things! Heh but its grand to be older and away from the jet set world. Hope to see more of your work posted soon. Nice tractor!

  2. bookmark everything bob - you need some simple internet lessons.

    Nice flow here.

  3. thanks, your right about internet lessons, where is the teacher? ko shin