Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Support writing, poetry and the arts by supporting Woodland Pattern in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Continue to Support this wonderful book center, Woodland Pattern Book Center, 720 East Locust Street, Milwaukee WI 53212 (414) 263-5001 E-Mail: Wed Site:
On January 31st there was the 15th Annual Poetry Marathon & Benefit from 10am until 1am.
150 Poets read for 5 minutes each and over 400 people attended. Every hour on the hour for 15 hours, the room seemed change with listeners of the muses of many. It was my second year and it was fun reading and receiving the love as our 4-5pm MC ask the listeners. A years membership is $35 and supports great readings, workshops and special events. Join from far and near. If I ever figure out how to put my grand-daughter's 5 minutes today at a 5th Grade poetry reading I will. The kids were wonderful. Thanks for your support of poetry! the arts! the world!

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