Saturday, December 5, 2009

The 2nd Day of events from the Parliament

The Queen of Jordan joined us thus evening by video hook up to celebrate with us and thanked us for our work. She joins us in the search for peace and interfaith understanding.

The leaders of the East Timor Workshop mentioned below.

Good morning my sisters and brothers on the Path to understanding and justice.

Again the morning started with a time of meditative walking with another Buddhist group from the Melbourne area. It is fun meeting new Dharma Sisters and Brothers from everywhere.

A morning of sock and awe spiritually and reality. The first workshop was the "Religious Dimensions of the Reconciliation Process in Timor-Leste" Constantino Pinto an indigenous leader and Inge Lempo gave a powerful witness to the oppression that this small Island has been through since the4 colony days hundreds of years ago. Then Patrick Walsh, an Australian, senior advisor to the Post-CAVR Technical Secretariat . CAVR is Timor-Leste Commission for Reception, Truth & Reconciliation. This was a commission in Timor in 2001 under the UN.

The Timorese are both Catholic and animist and it is this strange but workable union that has given people strength during unbelievable stress, killing fields and oppression.

We sit on our buts and often say with passion, what shall we do? Oh Dear, yes, what shall we do? Sisters and Brothers of the Path, we need to be on the streets, working with those nuts in Congress, the UN and the global interfaith movement to bring change and support our sisters and brothers in East Timor, Indonesia , Palestine and others places, NOW! This is not just a convention, it is a planning session for justice, peace, compassion and love. Sorry!

I ended the morning seeing a documentary call4ed "Divided We Fall" by a young Sikh woman. I will be ordering this one for us to watch together. A power message of what happen to folks after 9-11 who were different. Tears baby, lots of tears to see how hatred festers around us and we sit…

Sorry, getting pissed I guess….and hopeful as people of many nations and spiritual paths share this experience here in Melbourne. I truly wish you all could be here.

Now a conversation with Sister Joan Chittister and on Monday Hans Kung is here to talk about a Global Economy.

We just got back from a wonderful plenary, one that celebrated the diversity of inter faith groups and actions going on globally, now for some rest, we sleep well after these spirit filled days.

All for now, more later or tomorrow! Peace and Compassion for all, ko shin and Karen

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