Thursday, December 3, 2009

Opening Celebration: touch the leaf Thursday Evening

Oh I wish I had a scanner to send you the program from this deeply spiritual event.
Think of the tree, the one in your yard, the one you pass as you go somewhere, your special tree or forest from the past. It is in that context, the blessing from the people of the earth we are on here, the people of the Didgeridu, the First People, the Aboriginal sisters and brothers. Each speaker from the city, state or nation, in welcoming the Parliament came to honor the people, the ancestors of the land an d asked us to honor them in all we do.

A tree you say
Why they are just leaves, bark, wood and roots
Oh my sister and brother it is more
Next time you pass the tree, take a leave, a small part of a branch
Keep it in your pocket, touch it during your day
Say thank you earth, thank you first people
Whose land I stand on, travel over, often destroy for my needs
Yes think of the Black people of this great nation,
Hunted like wild life, oppressed by white people
Enslaved, kept to their own, but now know and have always known
They are free, creatures of the four winds, the earth, the stars and moon
The sun that warms the earth and nourishes all creatures…
I am so grateful for the sound of the Didgeridu, the chants of the dancer…
My sisters and brothers, touch that leaf, branch, pine needle in your pocket
Say thank you…

Hm, where did that come from?
Maybe being blessed in chants, dance, song, word, silence and presence
In the traditions of the Hindu, Buddhist, Jane, Shinto, Sikh, Jewish, Christian,
Zoroastrian, Muslim, Bahai, and the Bells of peace has an effect on the muses that
Rumble within all of us.

We are so blessed.

Words of wisdom too, from Rabbi David Saperstein, Dr. Sakena Yacoobi who set up 80 underground
Schools for girls, words in tension and war everyday. (why are we still there?), and His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar called us not only to a deeper spiritual practice but ACTION to transform the

I am writing this at 6am Friday morning here, about to go to walking meditation across the street
From our hotel on the way to the Parliament venue, the first day of workshops
Movies, performances and conversation of four to five thousand spirits form many
Paths. Remember us. Karen and I are blessed that our friends Ralph, Lynn, Tom and Nancy are here
To enjoy this wonderful event too. I hope these poor words will help you be
Here also Peace

touch that tree!

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