Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Day Monday Dec. 7th

This Is Professor Tariq Ramadan from Oxford University in UK who spoke at a work shop on Religions Imperative to Present the Other. Oh by the way he has been refused entry into the old US of A a few times. He was going to teach at on of our Universities. What a wonderful scholar we miss...because of our fears.

It is hard to believe we are just past the half way mark of this, the fifth Parliament in world history. People are already beginning to talk about the next one, maybe even in the old USA. I hope not. South America would be a perfect site.

I have missed the first 90 minutes of workshops so I will spend some time with my friends. It is hard to place in words, poetry what this like of event is like. Your emotions go from one end to the other as you share with people their pain of war, violence and oppression and the hope others have in seeing their lives, their community and in a few situations their nation be transformed and come back to life. Maybe that is the lines we place this event in.

I often go to conferences, not so many now and I do not miss it, and one finds some reason to complain. Not at the Parliament, there are so many options you do not need to waste your time complaining about lights, sound or whatever.

Last night during the sacred concert, as the hall emptied, five hours was too long for many and I understand. As the hall emptied and the music became more deeply spiritual and wonderful I want to just stay there. Have you ever had that experience? I bet you have.

I realized this morning as I walked with others in the park and was encouraged to send my out breath to the earth in gratitude, that my vey being is being changed in each moment, but also by the witness of others, of how their lives are being transformed in a very real way. This happens through what I call listen first and wait conversations, music, dance, art, traditions and the spirit. I think we are meant to have this experience every five years to feed our souls, but also help us understand why we are here in the first place.

Sands on the table
Growing into the map of human consciousness
A painting in sand? A work of art?
A spiritual practice reminding all human kind
Of the complexity of the mind, of the journey…

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