Sunday, December 6, 2009

Another Day at the Parliament, Sunday Dec 6

Good morning!

Not sure what this day holds for Karen and I and the thousands who will gather to work on ways to find peace in our world. The next three days we will be sending string messages to Copenhagen Denmark for the world leaders and NGO's to act NOW on Climate Change. We have representatives on the ground there to work for change.

It is maybe Monday where you are but hope your Sabbath time is a blessed one.

Peace and love for now ko shin and Karen

Back with you again. What a day. For me it began with Karen in a workshop on Interfaith seminaries.
There is a movement for sure around the world and now they are starting to structure themselves to better serve all of humanity. It is fun being with a group of people who do not have all the walls and boxes others do, like the Christian Church.

I was then part of the workshop on Christian Buddhist Dialogue. A standing room only crowd, with four speakers, one guy wrote a novel called "Dharma Man" The myth of Jesus in Buddhism. Interesting it reads a little like Choppa's book "Jesus" but the author claims he has no opinion on whether Jesus went to India, which I find interesting. A young Catholic scholar talked about his idea of the death of Buddha and the death of Jesus. Never gave a that a thought before, a little strange, but good talk. A third man spoke about Buddhist theology, a contradiction in terms, not convincing. The last scholar was a Buddhist professor from Australia, excellent.

After wandering around this afternoon, here I am. The Sikh's had booth in the booth area where they take your picture and put some blinking light on a world map. Neat top see where everyone is from. Had a wonderful conversation with a nun from a Taiwanese group who had a stand about the difference between their style of "chan" (Zen) and the style I practice.

Tonight is the sacred concert, it lasted past midnight and was wonderful. Music from many traditions, often by professional artists rom that country or faith. Exciting!

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