Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Day of the Parliament n Melbourne

Greetings from the Parliament! Today a 1000 people registered the first hour. People from everywhere and every spiritual tradition and practice. I met Betty, an African American woman from a unity church in Mississippi, I talked in line for some time with Robbie ThropE, an Aboriginal Activist, he is leader a workshop on the last day of the Parliament on the Black Genocide, Sovereignty, Treaty, the breaking of promises, sounds like home...a 400 page booklet of workshops, themes, and information, tells us what an amazing event this is. Tonight will be the opening Plenary opening with the Shinto Blessing the reciting of the Purification Prayer. then music, chants and prayers of many spiritual paths. Thinking of you all and all we need to do where ever we are to bring peace and justice to our world in compassion. Love and peace from the Parliment Ko shin and Karen

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